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So much opportunity exists within our industry! The Jay D. Rickman, Jr. Education Foundation works to widen and diversify the pipeline of professionals preparing not only to tackle the challenges of improving the financial management sector of the ever transforming healthcare industry but in bettering their careers as well. We believe in those who have chosen this career path and know that through continuing education and professional development, we improve opportunities for success.


We believe in people. And within our industry, we believe in the organizations that exist to strengthen those people, their knowledge and skills. Organizations that:

  • Make the investment of education and professional development to its members.
  • Work to better our industry through the establishment and sharing of knowledge and best practices.
  • Help healthcare stakeholders better themselves and their professions with practical tools and solutions.

We understand that true progress and transformative, sustainable change is the product of time, hard work, and a willingness to stand shoulder-to- shoulder with those who believe as we do and who have chosen our field as their career path.


The Jay D. Rickman, Jr. Education Foundation is a philanthropic organization founded for the purpose of supporting continuing education and professional development opportunities to the 300,000+ members of the financial management sector of the healthcare industry. The philosophy behind this is three-fold:
  1. There's a real need for professionals who understand the complexities of today's ever changing credit and collection industry at every stage of their career.
  2. Our industry is one of the most heavily regulated and our continuing professional development enhances and articulates the value of the credit and collections industry to businesses, policymakers and consumers.
  3. The credit and collections industry is a vital part of the U. S. healthcare system and the continuum of the patient experience.